Back to school consultancy packages:

Supporting your child at school (6 x 60 minute sessions)

  • Helping parents understand the curriculum – summarising key concepts so that parents are able to engage with their children and talk the language of education.
  • Explaining to parents how best to support their children – giving tips as well as specifically designed activities that are particularly beneficial to their child’s style of learning.
  • Psychology of pressure and supporting your child’s development – practical tips as well as activities to enable parents to support their children’s development of academic resilience.
  • Excel spreadsheet for each subject that follows each lessons progress – helping parents monitor their child’s progress and highlight trends and patterns in their academic development.

Academic intervention consultancy (8 x 60 minute sessions)

  • Diagnostic activities to establish your child’s understanding of new phenomena; where are they at, where do they need to be and how to get there. These activities will highlight the issues your child has in their academic cognitive pathways and address them.
  • Practical in class intervention activities to support your child’s learning. After consultation, your child will receive a specific and  targeted plan of action which will support them in their learning environment.
  • Revision ideas and practical support for at home learning. These are customized to match your child’s specific learning style. They will receive a list of techniques, with measurable outcomes, that will boost their ability to revise effectively.
  • How to study smart and not hard. Your child will receive teaching on how to analyse, critique and understand questions. These sessions will enable your child to interpret the nature of questions to prepare exam quality answers.

Making learning fun (60 minute session)

  • Activities to support learning that are fun and engaging. A range of game style activities that will engage your child in learning without them being fully aware. The activities are progressive in their nature and enable your child to enjoy and engage in learning.
  • Turning trips and outing into learning activities. Activity book and resources to turn everyday trips into fun adventures.
  • Learning on the go. Strategies that enable your child to maximize learning around their busy schedules.
  • Games designed to support learning outside of the classroom. Games that your child can engage in with their friends that are competitive and encourage independent learning.