Most parents are concerned with their children’s education. Supporting your child through school can be both confusing and frustrating due to a lack of time, understanding of educational jargon and other commitments. Furthermore, parents are often rendered helpless as they are unsure as to the specific ways in which they can support their child in accessing learning.
Educate my child is a consultancy that gives parents the tools to support their children through school. We are dedicated to ensuring that children reach their full potential and that their parents have the knowledge to be able to support them in doing so. We have decoded and condensed the curriculum so that you are able to efficiently ascertain the progress of your child as well as suggest steps for them to improve. We involve you completely in your children’s education.
At educate my child, our aim is to ensure that you have the knowledge of the system that enables you to best support your child. Furthermore, we have strategies that will inform you as to your child’s progress and how best to support them to reach the next level of learning.

Michael Mullings

Founder of Educate My Child

Educate my child was created by Teacher of Science Michael Mullings in 2015. Having spent a decade working with children in several different roles, Michael decided to embark on teacher training after an experience teaching the piano to a terminally ill patient. He subsequently achieved qualified teacher status (QTS) and was awarded ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted; the highest grading a teacher can receive. Working in a number of different types of schools, Michael has a myriad of experience to call upon with regard to pupil assessment.
Michael has since developed a process that involves designing academic intervention to ensure the progress of less able students. He has received praise from parents and teachers alike with one of his mentors stating “you are the best new teacher for a long time”.



  • We cannot express how being in your sessions have helped Joe cope with the day to day trauma of school. He feels really comfortable at school and doesn’t stop talking about science! Thank you for the time and effort you have put into making the environment a pleasant one for him.

    Mr and Mrs Grant
    Parent of Joe Grant a child with significant anxiety issues.
  • Dear Mr Mullings, following on from our consultancy, Sharon has a clear understanding of what she needs to do in class to do well in school. She is also determined to get a better score on her end of year tests. Your techniques have enabled her to believe in herself.

    Parent of child, Sharon, who asked for ideas to help her daughter progress in science.
  • Thank you so much for your help over the course of the year. Rosie is now enjoying school and is finally making progress in her weakest subjects.

    Parent of a child, Rosie, who asked for support to help her daughter engage with learning.
  • Thank you for meeting with Adan and I on Sunday, Adan found it really useful. I personally found it useful in relation to how I might be able to support him better. The notes capture technique as well as the time organisation resources provide a reference point for Adan going forward.

    Parent of a child who asked for help understanding how to support her son.
  • Thank you so much for spending the time to create and write this fascinating report. I have discussed it with Richard and do hope that we will see an improvement in this work by focusing on its points.

    Mrs Baker
    Parent of Richard who was struggling to keep up in his lessons.